Thursday, August 21, 2008

At the zoo

To celebrate the big boys going back to school, I took Luke and Sydney to the zoo. We have been having very moderate weather for August in Missouri.

Sydney! We'll have to post a cute picture. Although this ones is a good representation of her character...Impish!

Hide and Seek. Luke kept turning his head to check on Sydney. With 4 kids the perfect picture seldom comes :)

The pacing Rhino that Luke was very concerned about.

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luke and the rhino

The rhino was pacing back and forth by the gate to leave the viewing area. Luke didn't care about seeing any other animals after watching the very active rhino.
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More Zoo

Camera Shy Gorilla

The fearless girl. She climbs like a monkey and then wonders exactly what she is going to do. She jumped out of the stroller and climbed up with out help.

Notice the more conservative Luke. He is learning that he has to follow his sister to keep her safe.

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Blake likes the shaggy look. It's a little longer than I would like. For school, Grandma Furnell took the boys shopping and Blake picked out this shirt. It says "Homework Kills Trees - Stop the Madness". When he got home he said it didn't work because he still got homework on the first day!!

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Here is Caleb. He turned 7 in April and lost his front tooth just in time to start school.

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Well it's that time again and the boys went back to school. I can't believe they are in 4th and 2nd grades. Caleb liked going to school for a total of 3 days and now he's done. Blake is holding out for a little longer. He'll probably like it until his first writing assignment :) Here are some first day pictures...
Blake and Caleb
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