Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luke is 5!!!

Our little boy is growing up!!
Here are some pictures and words to describe him.

L - lovable - How could he not be! He is very friendly with everyone and very loyal (ask his primary teachers from last year:)

( 6 months)

U - unique - Thank goodness there is only one of him.

( first haircut)

K - kisses and hugs - There is no leaving the house with out them.

(He was laughing hysterically when you pulled the toys apart)

E - excited - He is very animated.

(His blanket and binkie)

R - rough - He has to be with two older brothers!

(stitches he got when his brothers "helped" him learn to walk)

- ornery - He wants it his way or no way.

(Daddy's boy all the way)

B - bubba - nickname:)

(A disaster waiting to happen)

E - extraordinary - We've learned to expect the unexpected.

(Swimming with uncle Brandon)

R - redonkulous - This is what everything is that is silly or ridiculous.

(Just being Luke)

T - t-rex - he loves his dino's!!

When I get pictures from his birthday I will post them. He wanted a t-rex cake but I talked him into a volcano with toy dinosaurs climbing it. Much easier!!