Monday, October 11, 2010

All unpacked...

We are getting settled here in. I have been working on some small projects but will hopefully be blogging more soon. Here is the brief summary of our recent sojourn.
August 12th - Loaded up the truck after much packing, late nights, and lots of GREAT friends to help!!!
August 13th - Cleaned up the house for the tenants and wrapped up loose ends.
August 14th -8am - hit the road - 11:30pm - arrived safely.
August 15th - Went to church and then crashed for the rest of the day.
August 16th - Started looking for somewhere to live...
August 27th - Found something that would work.
September 1st - Enrolled kids in school.
September 3rd - Signed lease and went to wait for the moving truck to be delivered. Downstairs neighbor complained within an hour...What have we gotten ourselves into!
September 4th - Unloaded the truck and slept in my own bed for the first time in weeks! I was never so happy to make the bed in all my life.
September 5th - Really like our new Ward!
September 7th - Boys start school after the longest summer of their lives. (They had been out of school since before Memorial Day)
The rest of the month was spent unpacking. Trying to make everything fit into less space than we had before and several trips to IKEA for storage things. Overall everything is going well. We really like the Ward especially Blake and Caleb. They have already made some good friends and they like their teachers. Blake was bummed that he is still in Elementary school since he was going to start Middle School back in MO. Caleb has adjusted quite well but says his bedroom is scary because it has a patio door. Of course we are 3 floors up so it's not like anyone is going to break in. Luke thinks school is too long so I can't imagine what he would have been like going to all day Kindergarten. He is also the oldest kid in class since I started him a year later and the deadline for K here is December 1. (There are several 4 yr old kids in his class!) Sydney is doing just fine and doesn't seem to miss the boys at school.
I'll get some pictures up of the first day of school, our place, and our trip to Cleveland for an Indians game.
We miss all our friends and family that we left behind and can't wait til grandma and grandpa come for Blake's 12th birthday.