Friday, October 9, 2009

I dream of...

I loved watching the show "I dream of Jeannie". It was the best and I can't even think of a good reason that it was except for the dream part. Didn't we all wish that we could cross our arms, blink and whatever we wanted would appear?! Even with only 32 years of experience I have already learned that that would be disastrous (although that was probably the fun part in seeing how disastrous it always was for Jeannie). Even when we wish for good things there is a plan in place that is better than anything we could come up with on own. I have found that the Lord likes to remind my stubborn and independent person of this on a frequent basis.

Today I would love to blink my house clean. In fact at this very moment I should be elbow deep in laundry folding, vacuuming, and comet...but here I sit! My house has taken a beating from some neglect over the past 3 weeks. The neglect comes from a hard lesson in trusting to a plan. And the realization that, if we allow, our Savior can make any moment a teaching, testifying, and faith building moment. I am grateful that the Lord is patient in teaching, and that Jade will make a full recovery.

For those of you that don't know, my friend Brenda dropped her 14 month old little girl at my house to run up to an appointment. I put her soup in the microwave and ran upstairs to pick up for a few minutes leaving my 8 year old to watch her with crackers and milk. My son wanting to be helpful took her soup from the microwave and put it on her tray, where she promptly put her hand in and screamed. I was there in seconds to get her out and run her hand under water, but the damage to her sensitive baby skin was done. Almost 10 days later she was released from the hospital. Brenda had a calm peace from the start that everything would be okay. For me, after 6 days of praying for a miracle, crying, agonizing over what if's and why's, finally fasting and asking for a blessing, I knew that everything was going to be fine, I just needed a little more faith. It was a hard lesson in how fragile life really is, but a great knowledge that there is a plan that is better than anything we could come up with or wish for. And most importantly that we don't have to walk alone.

p.s. After 4 kids, I would settle for Jeannie's body:)