Saturday, January 29, 2011

A project goes bad...

I had this great plan for my Sunday School class this year! So I thought. My first mistake is fairly obvious and Jason was so kind as to point it out to me immediately after I returned from my hour long visit at the printer. 2010! Yes I printed 6 books of 46 pages with the wrong year.

I think the plan was sound. I wanted to have something for the girls to be able to write down ideas and other thoughts that we talk about in the scriptures. Also, to be able to refer back the different scriptures and challenges issued in class. And in Activity Days we started our SPS. Instead of our GPS we wanted to look at our Spiritual Positioning System. Which stands for Scripture, Prayer, and Serve. These are the daily things that the girls have been challenged to do on their own. So I thought it would be super convenient to have it all in one place the same size as their scriptures. Too bad the execution of the plan was a disaster.

Mistake 1:


Mistake 2:

I thought that I wanted the SPS page in one direction on the back page but then when it was done it would have been better going in the other direction. In other words, it looks upside down when you look at the book!

Mistake 3:

The cost was $45 for 6 books. I couldn't believe it cost that much!! Had I realized how much it was going to be and planned ahead better, I could have printed at the church and saved half the cost.

Mistake 4:

This was due in part with mistake 1. My repair of mistake 1 included adding a color strip with the right year onto each page. The girls then used the same color to decorate the front. I thought this was a decent fix. Now that I have added the color strip to each page of course the spiral binding is quite tight. Oh well...

Basically, I lost my MoJo. What should have been a simple project was not up to my usual standards.

I guess I left the MoJo in MO:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dreaming of Sugar...

I am participating in a diet challenge with my sister-in-law. It lasts for 8 weeks and you earn points based on different activities. You get 3 points for eating 3 veggies and 2 fruits a day. 2 points for drinking water. 5 points for a weekly challenge that has included eating leafy green, beans or stretching. Up to 5 points for exercising up to 60 minutes. 5 points if you log all your food and stay in your calorie goal. And last but not least 5 points for no sweets! For anyone who knows me well, I LOVE TREATS! I love to make them to. In fact since the challenge began 3 weeks ago I have had to make cookies at least 5 times. We can only log the exercise and sweets points for 6 days so you get one day off exercising and one day to have sweets. It has been a real challenge to make cookie dough and not have any at all!! So since I can't eat sweets, I have begun dreaming about eating sweets.
This morning in my attempt to sleep as long as possible, I was having a dream about making cookie dough. And even in my dream I looked at it and said, "No, it's not my sugar day". This was not my first dream where I have denied myself sugar and it probably won't be the last in the last 5 weeks of the challenge. But today the dream is going to be real. With monster cookies and leftover ice cream treats from Jason's birthday I can deny myself no longer. So here on Wednesday, the first day of the diet week, I will give myself sugar. In fact I will probably only eat my fruits, veggies, and beans with my ice cream and cookies. Then it will be back to just dreaming of sweets:)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I got a smart phone for Christmas!!!
Unfortunately it is not that smart.
When I linked my phone to upload directly to my blog I thought it was going to be a great way to actually get some blogs posted. I might get that figured out soon, but in the mean time I have realized that the phone does not distinguish between me and my 4 year old.
Translation, when Sydney gets ahold of the phone and takes a picture, it sometimes get uploaded right away.
So if unusual pictures that look like they were taken by a 4 year old show up on the blog...they were:)