Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Day!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tender Mercies

Megan Kitchen
October 14, 1991 - December 12, 2008

This is the phrase that has continued to pass through my thoughts since I received that horrible phone call Friday night. Most of you know that I am the Young Women's president in my ward (church) here in Missouri. Friday night the Bishop called to tell me that one of our young women was killed in a car accident. I can't remember all the feelings that went through me but shock and concern for the other girls in the ward was foremost in my thoughts. Every time one of the girls cried, it just hurt me to see their hurt. Despite all of the grief and sorrow, I have truly seen the hand of the Lord in my life and in the lives of those around me.
Here are a few "Tender Mercies":
1. The youth were already scheduled to attend the temple in the morning. We went and truly felt peace.
2. When I got up to welcome the girls to YW's on Sunday I broke down. During the song and prayer I silently pleaded for help and the Spirit, so the girls could find comfort and peace. My prayers were answered and the girls left without tears. We even smiled! I also realized that our last lesson before Megan's passing was entitled "Preparing for Change".
3. When I went to visit Megan's mom, Lori, I saw how so many things had recently happened that brings comfort to us now.
4. Megan was a junior in high school so she had not had her senior pictures taken yet. Just weeks before her brother had come and taken absolutely beautiful pictures of her. Including the one above. This is how she would want to be remembered. With a huge smile!
5. Megan had just been to get her Patriarchal blessing and they had just received the hard copy in the mail and read it over together. The Lord's promises are sure!
6. I got sick, but was able to find the strength to get out of bed and make it to the viewing where I saw smiles on the girls faces. They realized that Megan was happy now and that she would want us to be happy.
7. I was able to know what to say, and able to say it, at the funeral. I had to read over my notes later to even remember what I had said. I know that we are all children of God and that while Megan is home now, He knows that we have sorrow and loves us too. He does send help and comfort to all who seek it.
8. As hard as it is to not have her here with us now, we have all been blessed to know her and love her.
At the funeral the Bishop read a poem that Megan had written on December 1, 2008 entitiled "Some day this will all make sense".
As I look at Lori and Tom and everyone around us, I see a trial of faith. We preach of forgiveness, Lori and Tom have shown forgiveness in the hardest of circumstances. We preach to the youth and in our families about the power of the Atonement and that the Ressurection is real. Now we see it and are filled with promise and understanding.
I know that there are more but these are the ones that stand out in my mind. I know that we will continue to see "tender mercies" in all our lives as we see how the Lord shapes our lives in His own perfect way.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

About my husband TAG

1.His full name: Jason Wade Furnell
2.How long have you been married: 12+ years (August 3, 1996)
3.How long did we date: For about 6 months when I was 16 and 6 months when I was 18/19.
4.Who eats sweets: I do.
5.Who said I love you first: Jason
6.Who's taller: Him
7.Who sings better: Since he won't sing out loud I would have to say me but that is not saying much!
8.Who is smarter: It depends, are you trying to build a building or solve a math problem:)
9.Who does the laundry: ME and if there is laundry in the next life I am protesting.
10.Who pays the bills: Me
11.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Jason
12.Who mows the lawn: Mostly me because he travels and I need to burn the calories
13.Who cooks dinner: Me.
14.Who drives: If we are all together, he drives.
15.Who admits when they're wrong first: Jason says me
16.Who kissed who first: Jason at his house by the pantry door. I was 16 he was 18!
17.Who asked who out first: It depends who you ask! We were dancing at a church dance and I was joking with him saying "when are you going to ask me out?" I thought he was dating my friend but I didn't know that she had literally just broke up with him. He then said "How about Thursday?" (it was summer) So you decide:)
18.Who wears the pants: I do. It is an inherited trait.
I'm supposed to tag 4 other people. Ok I am going to tag some of my family: Chrissy, Christina, Cheryl, Meghann and Steph if you look at my blog

Code Yellow

I found out what a Code Yellow is on Tuesday at Target. That would be a missing child. I took Dylan (18mo old I am babysitting til Feb), Sydney, and Luke into Target to buy new binkie's. I know that I should just get rid of them, but that is another story. Dylan got buckled into the cart without a fuss and sits there totally mellow. Sydney is another story. She hates being restrained in any form. Shopping carts are just a game to see how fast she can get out. While I am struggling trying to get her buckled up Luke had disappeared. I call for him with no answer. I figured he had went in search of toys but they were on the other side of the store from where we were. To make a long story short an employee walked up behind me and I told her I lost my child. She got on her radio, called a Code Yellow, and gave the description. It only took a minute because everyone dropped what they were doing and walked their area's. Another employee walked me to where he was (toys of course!). He was surrounded by about 7 employees. Needless to say no one got out of the cart again. When I left the store I called Jason and told him that we would be living on bread and butter before I went shopping with Sydney and Luke again!

Sydney turns 2

Sydney is wearing her Christmas dress. There is a gold sweater that goes with it but we took it off for the cake. I think she shed the hair bow too!

This is her cake. Nobody had better be laughing at my decorating skills. I had never used this bear mold before and apparently you should us a dense cake and not yellow. At least frosting does wonders to cover how I had to glue (with frosting) the entire face back on and there was a huge crack on his whole head. It did taste very good:)
Sydney and grandma have the same birthday. I'm sure that in a few years it will be an excuse to have a day with grandma and skip school!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kittens need a home

They are adorable kittens!! There is also a black one with a white face, underbelly, and feet. The black one is all black and just in time for Halloween!!!!


Luke loves his blanket!! In fact he has loved it to death. We think that it now poses a choking hazard since the ruffle is now dangling. It trails about 8 feet behind the blanket attached at only one corner. The pictures are a little over 2 years apart.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What will he do now?

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jason passed his final licensing exam!!!!!! He will shortly have a stamp to prove that he is an architect. Of course he says that it really only means that he can now be sued. I'm glad we know a few lawyers :) Now he is not sure what to do with all his free time. I'm sure I can help!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

At the zoo

To celebrate the big boys going back to school, I took Luke and Sydney to the zoo. We have been having very moderate weather for August in Missouri.

Sydney! We'll have to post a cute picture. Although this ones is a good representation of her character...Impish!

Hide and Seek. Luke kept turning his head to check on Sydney. With 4 kids the perfect picture seldom comes :)

The pacing Rhino that Luke was very concerned about.

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luke and the rhino

The rhino was pacing back and forth by the gate to leave the viewing area. Luke didn't care about seeing any other animals after watching the very active rhino.
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More Zoo

Camera Shy Gorilla

The fearless girl. She climbs like a monkey and then wonders exactly what she is going to do. She jumped out of the stroller and climbed up with out help.

Notice the more conservative Luke. He is learning that he has to follow his sister to keep her safe.

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Blake likes the shaggy look. It's a little longer than I would like. For school, Grandma Furnell took the boys shopping and Blake picked out this shirt. It says "Homework Kills Trees - Stop the Madness". When he got home he said it didn't work because he still got homework on the first day!!

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Here is Caleb. He turned 7 in April and lost his front tooth just in time to start school.

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Well it's that time again and the boys went back to school. I can't believe they are in 4th and 2nd grades. Caleb liked going to school for a total of 3 days and now he's done. Blake is holding out for a little longer. He'll probably like it until his first writing assignment :) Here are some first day pictures...
Blake and Caleb
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Well we survived Youth Conference! The kids loved it because it meant that they just spent 3 days playing at their Aunt Patricia's house. (apparently there are lots of things to do there and nothing at our house as I was reminded many times yesterday) I survived the 6 teenage girls staying here and Blake decided that he didn't really need to decontaminate his room since 2 of the girls are babysitters and the other one we used to give rides to church. Unfortunately the other Adult leader was deathly allergic to cats and I have 2 long haired black cats. She had to hide out in the Sydney's room. The worst part was the food that I made. Of course it all tasted great but that just means that I have to restart my diet this week :) Jason survived being the keynote speaker and even took it in stride with some unexpected changes. (It was great!!)

It looks like summer is finally starting since baseball, visitors, girls camps and Youth Conference are finished. We can actually stay at home and play or go to the pool without having some time limit to be somewhere else!

I am going to get some updates on each of the kids done this week. I figure that is a good place to start. If I get this right there should be a picture of our family. It was taken at Christmas for our Christmas card that everyone probably realizes I never got out. Oh well!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I guess we will enter the blogging world.