Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sydney turns 2

Sydney is wearing her Christmas dress. There is a gold sweater that goes with it but we took it off for the cake. I think she shed the hair bow too!

This is her cake. Nobody had better be laughing at my decorating skills. I had never used this bear mold before and apparently you should us a dense cake and not yellow. At least frosting does wonders to cover how I had to glue (with frosting) the entire face back on and there was a huge crack on his whole head. It did taste very good:)
Sydney and grandma have the same birthday. I'm sure that in a few years it will be an excuse to have a day with grandma and skip school!


KC Mom said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! Cute cake too!

Christina said...

She looks too cute in her pretty little dress! The cake looks so cute too! Happy Birthday Sydney! You'll have to come by sometime this next week and rescue that Dora castle from Erica's closet. It will be nice to know someone's having fun with it.

I am so impressed. Three blog posts! Wow!

Alaska Law said...

I think your cake looks great!