Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luke is 5!!!

Our little boy is growing up!!
Here are some pictures and words to describe him.

L - lovable - How could he not be! He is very friendly with everyone and very loyal (ask his primary teachers from last year:)

( 6 months)

U - unique - Thank goodness there is only one of him.

( first haircut)

K - kisses and hugs - There is no leaving the house with out them.

(He was laughing hysterically when you pulled the toys apart)

E - excited - He is very animated.

(His blanket and binkie)

R - rough - He has to be with two older brothers!

(stitches he got when his brothers "helped" him learn to walk)

- ornery - He wants it his way or no way.

(Daddy's boy all the way)

B - bubba - nickname:)

(A disaster waiting to happen)

E - extraordinary - We've learned to expect the unexpected.

(Swimming with uncle Brandon)

R - redonkulous - This is what everything is that is silly or ridiculous.

(Just being Luke)

T - t-rex - he loves his dino's!!

When I get pictures from his birthday I will post them. He wanted a t-rex cake but I talked him into a volcano with toy dinosaurs climbing it. Much easier!!


Dennis and Cherise said...

It is so hard to believe he is 5, it seems like yesterday were were still in KC and you just had him.

Lori said...

Wow! FIVE? Already? Where HAS the time gone? He is such an adorable little rascal.

Paul and Christy Johnson said...

so cute margene. our kids are growing up so fast. luke is a one of a kind, but a cute one of a kind. you are blessed to have him in your family!

Heather said...

He is such a sweet boy. And yes, he is VERY loyal to the Bunnells. He was traumatized when we switched teachers! He seems to love Sr. Mac, though.