Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blake's Piano Recital

Here are some pictures from Blake's piano recital. He wants to play any song but his assignment. But I think we have finally crossed the line on wanting to quit. At least for now:)He is finally starting to be able to read the music with out so much frustration and the songs are more recognizable. I tell him that he will never regret learning!!


Janelle said...

Good for him (and YOU). Colby took for 2 years, and then I was worn out with telling him to practice all the time and hearing his whining. So I just didn't sign him back up for lessons when school started in the fall, and I've enjoyed not feeling like the mean mom on his case all the time. He's trying guitar now, which he thinks is cooler -- so he'll practice it more without me bugging him as much. He was just at the point in piano where it was starting to be easier, like you said. Oh, well. This is a LONG comment! :)

Christina said...

How fun! That's kind of where Ally is almost with the violin. Since she is taking it in school, she has to see it through to the end of the year. So who knows how she will be feeling about it by then.