Friday, February 20, 2009


When I got up this morning I realized that it was a little cold in the house. So I thought I would turn the heat up a little while we got ready for school. So I cranked it up and nothing happened. That is when I looked at the current temperature and saw that it was in the low 50's!!!! No panic yet!
So I tried to think of reasons that the furnace would not be working. For the last few weeks I have had a few little fix it jobs around the house that I keep transferring from one To Do list to another and I decided to just get them done and over with. One was to tighten the water line to the fridge so I could open the valve and have decent water flow on the fridge. The water line breaks off from the main line in the furnace room. Sydney was helping me:) On the furnace there is a power switch. It is a light switch just at the perfect level for little troublemakers to reach. So apparently before I kicked Sydney out of the room for swinging on the water pipes (I mean hanging and swinging while saying weeeeee!) she flipped the switch and the furnace has been off since yesterday early afternoon.
Thankfully, the thought occured to me to check the switch this morning (I'm not that smart so it must have come from a higher source:) which was off. I would post a picture of Sydney all bundled up in blankets by the fireplace after I got her shivering from her bed but my camera is in Arizona with my husband. (Where he informed me it will be 78 today). This would also explain why all 3 boys came and crawled in my bed last night. So the house is about to crack 60 and we have the firplace, and space heater going. I am truly grateful for central heating :)


KC Mom said...

Central of those things we take for granted.

Janelle said...

Oh no! So things happen when your husband is out of town, too. I hope that's all for you!

Catherine said...

Wow! that was a TENDER MERCY in my book to think about and remember that switch!