Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Job Blake!!

Blake's Cub Scout Pack had their pinewood derby last week. Blake placed first in the Webelos and 4th overall! This is a huge improvement over last year when he lost every race even to Caleb's car in the free race at the end. His car is the black one with the red stripe.

Blake is on to Regional Derby on Saturday. (This is where you see great cars that dads build:) Blake actually did most of the work himself. I did run around town trying to find the right weights.

We'll take a picture of just him holding his car at Regional.


Dennis and Cherise said...

Yippie for Blake!

Dave Peacock said...

Awesome! Way to go man...

I'm the Webelos Den leader in our LM ward, and it's been about 21 years since I've been to a pinewood derby... so send any hints you can