Saturday, March 7, 2009


There are definitely some ups and downs in parenting and motherhood! Luckily we have those moment of joy that make it all worth it. Today had one of those glimpses in it.
It was a beautiful afternoon and I needed to get some cleaning done that I hadn't gotten to yet. I decided to go sit outside with Sydney and Luke so they could ride tricycles and scooters and not worry if the bedrooms got vacuumed. (Probably the first step to joy...ignoring housework:) When Sydney saw the bus go by she started screaming and jumping "Blake and Caleb". Of course you can't copy the cute way a she, as a 2 year old, says their names. As soon as the boys rounded the corner she was running to them with the happiest expression on her little face with her arms stretched out for a hug. She got to Caleb first and gave him a hug and then on to Blake. The best part was seeing the boys smile and pick her up hug her. Luke was right behind her. So there I was looking at all 4 of my kids walking together with smiles on their faces happy to be all together. I just wish I had my camera:)
A moment of JOY!


Janelle said...

I LOVE those moments! And I LOVE that my youngest has older siblings that come home from school excited to see him. It IS a good feeling. Thanks for a nice story.

Christina said...

How sweet! I so love those moments!