Saturday, April 25, 2009

Caleb wants what?

Sometimes when you are a middle child you feel the need to find ways to stand out. Caleb, on a weekend visit to his Aunt's house, visited the KU campus. He decided to become a KU fan. It didn't help that a few months later they won the NCAA basketball championship. Now, you might wonder how this would be classed as a stand out behavior if you didn't know that:
1) He was born in Manhattan, KS.
2) Both parents are K-State Alum!
3) The reason he was at his Aunts house in the first place was because Jason and I were at K-State for a football game.

What is a mom to do when, as a K-State alum, her son wants a KU birthday cake?
You make it:) So here is my attempt at the Jayhawk!

I couldn't resist putting my K-State shirt for the pictures though!


Dennis and Cherise said...

Dang! I should have sent an MU shirt lol. HaHa!

KC Mom said...

That turned out awesome!!!

Janelle said...

Looks great! Mine would not look like that. I don't even try fancy cakes. :)

Jen Peacock said...

That is such a great cake! I bet he will always remember that. Great school to be a fan of! Congrats on his baptism as well:)

Alaska Law said...

Great cake!! You are wonderful!