Monday, May 4, 2009


So we arrive early in Arizona. I, as usual, am putting my makeup on in the car as we drive to Goodyear. This takes skill to put makeup on in a moving vehicle while driving on Missouri roads as they are notoriously bumpy and uneven. So I notice that the roads in Arizona are really smooth. I guess that without the constant change in temperature it saves the roads from destruction. So the Phoenix roads were super smooth making even mascara easy to apply.

Later that day...

I found that there were bad roads in Arizona.

That evening we were headed to dinner and all of the sudden the road gets bumpy. So, I immediately turn to Jason and say, "Now this is more like Missouri roads."

The Irony is the sign I saw just after my comment:

So there I was laughing at the irony and driving back the next day to take pictures for my blog.


Janelle said...

Funny. Have a great trip and enjoy the warm weather for me!