Sunday, May 10, 2009

Books on Vacation

My great plan on the little get-a-way I took with Jason was to read books by the pool and not cook or clean. I was able to do all of that and could have easily stayed a few more days! One of the interesting things about going on a business trip with Jason was seeing how all these people know him by name. Like when we walked in the smoothie shop and they said "Hi Jason and this must be your wife!" Or we walked into the hotel and he greets the lady behind the desk by name. That's when you know you have been traveling way too often. So Jason has been staying at the same hotel every other week for almost the past two years (part of the contract is that he has to stay within city limits). When we walked into the hotel one of the first things I noticed was a room off the main lobby that had books in it. I asked Jason what it was because it didn't look like a bookstore. He said "I don't know I have never been in there". I shouldn't be surprised by that, the kids didn't get their reading tendencies from him. But I at least thought he might have just stepped in out of curiosity. So the next day I went in to investigate...

It is an antiquarian that has a collection of ancient BIBLES. When I met the operator he told me that this collection of bibles all in one place can only be found here, a Hampton Inn in Goodyear Arizona.

I immediately recognized these names as some of the great reformers that laid the foundation for restoration through their amazing contributions of translation.

John Wyclif - early advocate for translation of Bible into "common tongue". His books were banned and burned and he was declared a heretic. His body was later exhumed and then burned.

Of course the invention of the printing press helped make it even possible that every person could have a copy of the bible for themselves. The bible was the major and iconic work of the Gutenberg Printing press.

Here is a first edition from the first printing of the King James Version of the Bible.

And a copy of William Tyndale's New Testament.

Through the works of men like Erasmus, Tyndale, and Luther, who dedicated their lives to making it possible that every man, women and child could read the bible for themselves, we all have the opportunity to read the bible in our own language.

I walked away from the room amazed at the collection that I had just seen. Priceless was a good work to describe what I had seen. But I realized that as amazing as the books are, they mean nothing if we don't read and heed the words available. The copy that I have and read is of more worth because it allows me the opportunity of knowing what I should be doing and how I should be living. I guess the best way for us to show our appreciation for their efforts is to take advantage and read!!


Janelle said...

That looks like a great place you found! Cool collection.