Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jane Austen Fans!

For all my Jane Austen fan friends...

PBS Masterpiece theater is playing a new version of Emma and I really like it. I have only seen the first part of 3 but so far it looks good. The screenplay was done by the same person that did North and South. One of Elizabeth Gaskell's better known works and movie.
The 1st part can be seen online and the 2nd part will be this Sunday with the 3rd part on February 7th.
I hadn't even heard about it when I stumbled upon it last Sunday at midnight when I was about to turn the TV off and heard the names Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax. I did what any good Austen fan would do...I stayed up until 2 watching it because...well you know.

Anyway enjoy and if you miss it I am sure to own it by my birthday for you to borrow:)


Janelle said...

I taped it but haven't found time to sit and watch it yet, and I've been wondering if it's worth it. Thanks for letting me know. I'd better watch it fast before the next one on Sunday.

The Halls said...

I of course have been watching it. It is one of the better ones that I have seen. Just wish we could enjoy it together. I miss you friend.

Ryan Amber and Family said...

I love Jane Austen of course.
I love your pictures of kids and family and thank you for your beautiful christmas card.

My health is getting better. We never did get our christmas cards done, I just had to many other big things and I got pretty sick.

Take care, Love you

Ryan Amber and Family said...

WE will have to get together!

I was recording VHS to DVD and have you guys, in JARADINE!!

Remember the stots? Ryan got together with Him for dinner cause he was in Palm Springs for a confrence!!

Remember to come stay with us if you come this way!!

Catherine said...

Watched it. Loved it. We are big fans of Masterpiece Theater. We TIVO it every week! It's like our date night on Sunday evenings after the kids are finally in bed.