Sunday, April 11, 2010

If I had a dollar every time...

Every week I tell Jason that "If I can get through this week, next week won't be so busy." Jason always responds with "I wish I had a dollar for every time you say that." Well he would be a rich man!
So blogging takes a back seat to Cub Scouts, PTA, 4 kids, Soccer, Piano, Cello, and various random activities. If only I could clean the house and do all the laundry and it would stay done!!!
Maybe I should post my To Do List for a week and that would count as a journal?
Here is a quick update and random facts about us.
Jason - Still working on Wizards Soccer Stadium and EQ Pres...slipping in volleyball when he can.
Blake - His strings teacher at school said, "Blake is a very talented musician." He is playing the cello and piano (Hates practicing of course!) He also competed in a District math competition as a top 3 finisher from his elementary but didn't place at districts. Almost finished with 2nd Class Scout. Is constantly complaining about pain in his legs and I expect him to grow visibly at this point.
Caleb - Quietly goes about and takes care of stuff. He is a natural athlete so now that we have finished our winter hiatus he will be up and going.
Luke - Ready for kindergarten!! He is excited to be learning his letters and hopefully will finally get them all down.
Sydney - All I can say is that she has no fear and is constantly getting in trouble if not giving hugs and kisses to keep things balanced.
I did manage to read my first Charles Dickens book in March! Now if I could find time to read all the other books I want to read...
And did I mention that I went to parent orientation for Middle School...where does the time go!!!


Christina said...

I hear ya! The time is going by waaaayyyy too fast!