Monday, June 20, 2011

Gettin Ready!

Well summer is finally here! School ended last Thursday and Friday I was in charge of the missionary zone lunch so I was busy and gone most of the day. So today is the first day that feels like summer vacation because we have nothing on the calender! We can go to the Rec and swim, walk to the park, or anything else. Of course we still need to clean the house from the weekend, drop the car off at the shop and make sure we have everything ready for the upcoming trip.

I love to get multiply things done at the same time so I think I will drop the car off at the shop 3 miles away and then run home. That will take care of my run for the day and get the car in so we don't run out time this week. Driving a van with 226,000 miles on a long trip would make me nervous if we didn't always take it into the shop for an inspection before we leave. (Needless to say we pray for the van too!)

We also finally ordered a camera. I was not going on vacation without a camera. Our camera broke (Naturally Sydney was last seen with it) back in October and we have only had cell phones for pictures since Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will get here in time for Jason to bring it with him. It took a while to decide on the camera and then find the best deal. I think we did a good job.

Well I am off to make more lists for the trip...