Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making cards

I really like making cards and scrapbooking. It is one of the only creative outlets I am good at since I am a left-brained dominant person. I just made a huge batch of cards for my mom so any family reading this will recognize their next birthday card. My favorite part of crafting is doing it with friends or late at night while watching a chick flick. (By chick flick I mean any one of my versions of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, or other select period dramas) Unfortunately I haven't found a friend to craft with here nor do I have the great space I have had for the past 9 years. I really miss that. It gets old sitting cross legged on my bed with a cutting board for a table while my legs go numb...just sayin'. Oh well, I still love mixing papers, creating balance, and adding a little embellishment. The odd thing is that I like doing math problems just as much!