Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Here was the schedule...
8:00 - got out of bed
8:30 - went for a 3 mile run
(training for 1/2 marathon started last week)
10:00 - go for a bike ride
tried to ride to grocery store but the bike I was riding was stuck in low gear so we gave up after 4 miles and headed back to the house.
11:30 - out to the beach - applied sunscreen - swimming and boogie boarding with the kids
(It was a little triathlon for the holiday!)
1:00 - in for lunch
2:00 - back out side to boogie board and read - reapplied sunscreen
4:30 - attempt surfing - got up on one foot and knee
7:00 - dinner
9:00 - took the kids to see some fireworks
Taught the kids a new card game and read a book for the evening. Also applied aloe vera...yup, fried like a lobster. Apparently applying sunscreen twice was not enough.
All in all it was a great holiday and the best part is that we have 4 more days just like it!