Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Sydney got a hold of the phone and uploaded a photo. The irony is that I had been planning on posting a picture of an ice cream cone just like this anyway. So here is the post I was planning to go with an ice cream cone.


I love ice cream cones. You can have all the extras and fancy toppings you want but the classic simple cone is the best. There is something about the soft ice cream all the way down into the crunchy cone. That is a must, you have to eat them fast enough that the cone doesn't get soggy. In fact last week I went on an ice cream cone binge and had them for a snack all week. I just fill them to the top of the cone and not towering with ice cream. That way I don't feel too bad when I eat 2 or 3 because it only takes 1 scoop to fill the cone and the cones are only 15 calories each. Now don't get me wrong, I like other kinds of ice cream treats, I am after all a Kehr! There's something to be said for a classic treat is all I am saying.