Monday, May 30, 2011

Post Memorial Day Picnic Dishes

I was asked to be in charge of food for our Church Memorial Day picnic, so I picked up food last Friday night when I was doing my shopping. On Sunday I started asking around to get an estimate on the number of people that planned on attending and there were double what they thought might attend in the beginning! No big deal since I being a typical mom, I was already worried there wasn't going to be enough food and had bought extra. I just needed to make a quick trip to the store this morning and pick up a few more hamburgers, hot dogs and buns. (We were providing the burgers and dogs with pot luck for the sides and dessert.)

Last night I made plain jello, garbage bars and deviled eggs. Then because we were expecting 90 degree weather I grabbed a bunch of bowls from the church kitchen. That way we could put some ice in the bottom of the bowls and then put potato, egg or other side dishes in them so they would stay cool in the heat. I think it worked out pretty good. The only down side was the pile of dishes that I brought home. Between the bowls, cooking pans I used to make my own sides, the plates for serving my sides, coolers, and a few hand wash dishes that I must confess had been sitting on the side of the sink for a few day, there was a huge pile of hand wash dishes to be done. So I should rest easy tonight knowing that they are done and not waiting for me to do in the morning.

Michigan has also had a VERY WET spring. So the park had many pools of standing water in and around the pavilion and playground. At least the baseball diamond was dry enough to play on! On the down side though most of the kids were covered in wet muddy clothes and shoes by the end of the day. 4 loads of laundry later the kids should be set to go back to school tomorrow as long as their shoes dry in time.

So over 12 hours after I started to day I am ready to relax. And next time I feel guilty about reading a book for an afternoon I will try and remember that it is okay to relax sometimes because not everyday needs to be this exhausting!