Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We always say that we are going on vacation when we head out to Florida but really it is just the way Furnell's do family reunions. We don't camp or own a farm so I guess that leaves the beach! And really isn't a family reunion what you call it when all the kids, spouses, and grand kids pile into one house for a week, while sharing cooking, cleaning and activity responsibilities? So in 26 days I leave for my "vacation".

It will include:
3000 miles of driving with over half of it just me and the kids.
2 1/2 days with my brother and family.
2 1/2 days with my long time friend and family.
9 days with the Furnell clan on the beach!
6 days with my sister and family.
2 movies - Cars 2 with the cousins and Harry Potter with my sister. (Yes the movie opening has been part of the planning;)

Now I just have to lose those horrible 5 pounds that keep coming back, decide all the different things we will need for 3 weeks on the road, pick a few new games for some friendly family competition, get all 6 of us haircuts for the family picture (add in a color for me:), make sure we have the right clothes for the picture, finally give myself that pedicure I have been planning on doing since the beginning of May, and make sure everything is taken care of for us to be gone for an extended time.

So whether you want to call it vacation or family reunion it is going to be great!