Monday, September 19, 2011

The lone missed sock on laundry day...

Here I thought that ALL the laundry was clean. (At least for a few hours:) And then I find a dirty sock. Of course that means I won't be able to match all the clean socks either. Oh well, it's not like you are ever really DONE with laundry!

Monday, August 15, 2011

off to 7th grade

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I guess I should tell people...

No, we are not having a baby. We are moving again. I figured that since I am swimming in boxes and the truck is coming in 6 days, things are pretty much set to go. It has been no secret to anyone that has talked to Jason in the last year that the job here was not a great fit for him. Well, he had a 1 year guarantee for being here and when that ended in the middle of July they told him that they did not have the expected work load to keep him on. That is just fine with him. He has a good lead on a job and some temporary work ready to go back in KC. So that is where we are headed. I will be heading back to work also. I will be substitute teaching this year and getting some continuing education credits to update my teaching license. With Sydney headed to school next fall, the timing will work out nicely. We won't be going back to our house though, since KC may only be home for a few months and then we might be headed somewhere else. (More on that when it gets finalized) So hopefully we will get to visit with our friends and family later this month:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Sydney got a hold of the phone and uploaded a photo. The irony is that I had been planning on posting a picture of an ice cream cone just like this anyway. So here is the post I was planning to go with an ice cream cone.


I love ice cream cones. You can have all the extras and fancy toppings you want but the classic simple cone is the best. There is something about the soft ice cream all the way down into the crunchy cone. That is a must, you have to eat them fast enough that the cone doesn't get soggy. In fact last week I went on an ice cream cone binge and had them for a snack all week. I just fill them to the top of the cone and not towering with ice cream. That way I don't feel too bad when I eat 2 or 3 because it only takes 1 scoop to fill the cone and the cones are only 15 calories each. Now don't get me wrong, I like other kinds of ice cream treats, I am after all a Kehr! There's something to be said for a classic treat is all I am saying.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Here was the schedule...
8:00 - got out of bed
8:30 - went for a 3 mile run
(training for 1/2 marathon started last week)
10:00 - go for a bike ride
tried to ride to grocery store but the bike I was riding was stuck in low gear so we gave up after 4 miles and headed back to the house.
11:30 - out to the beach - applied sunscreen - swimming and boogie boarding with the kids
(It was a little triathlon for the holiday!)
1:00 - in for lunch
2:00 - back out side to boogie board and read - reapplied sunscreen
4:30 - attempt surfing - got up on one foot and knee
7:00 - dinner
9:00 - took the kids to see some fireworks
Taught the kids a new card game and read a book for the evening. Also applied aloe vera...yup, fried like a lobster. Apparently applying sunscreen twice was not enough.
All in all it was a great holiday and the best part is that we have 4 more days just like it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Road Trip Ready

I think we are as ready for the car trip as we can be. Here is the pile for car and rainy day entertainment. On the top of the pile is the "I'm bored/Are we there yet?" box. In the box are folded papers of all the activities they can do while we are in the car. I ended up with 21 activities and 5 treat papers. Here is the list I came up with:

Giant Activity Pad (found @Samsclub)

Tic Tac Toe/Dots/Hangman (also Samsclub)

License Plate game

Alphabet Game

Family Questions (in Highlight box)

Hidden picture (also in highlight box)

I Spy


Coloring Book ($1 store)

Silent Game


Rock Paper Scissor

Car Scavenger hunt (found a list online)

Go Fish

Rummy Jr

Old Maid


Spelling Bee

Math Facts

We also have a stack of movies and books on CD. Thanks to my friend I have all 7 Harry Potter books on CD and I added all 7 movies so we will definitely be ready for the final HP movie in a few weeks! We also have most of the Avatar The Last Airbender Cartoon series. The kids love them!

Hopefully this will keep us busy and having fun with cousins and friends for the next 3 weeks. I also have packed up some fun games like Monopoly, Scene it, and Cribbage for evenings and rainy days. Not to mention the treat bag looks yummy!

So I have tried to be fully prepared without going overboard. I restocked the car first aid kit and added some additional meds, flashlights, and towels. Basically I tried to think of anything that could go wrong and think of a simple way to be ready. We will see if it all works out.

And yes grandma the boys got haircuts for the family picture:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gettin Ready!

Well summer is finally here! School ended last Thursday and Friday I was in charge of the missionary zone lunch so I was busy and gone most of the day. So today is the first day that feels like summer vacation because we have nothing on the calender! We can go to the Rec and swim, walk to the park, or anything else. Of course we still need to clean the house from the weekend, drop the car off at the shop and make sure we have everything ready for the upcoming trip.

I love to get multiply things done at the same time so I think I will drop the car off at the shop 3 miles away and then run home. That will take care of my run for the day and get the car in so we don't run out time this week. Driving a van with 226,000 miles on a long trip would make me nervous if we didn't always take it into the shop for an inspection before we leave. (Needless to say we pray for the van too!)

We also finally ordered a camera. I was not going on vacation without a camera. Our camera broke (Naturally Sydney was last seen with it) back in October and we have only had cell phones for pictures since Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will get here in time for Jason to bring it with him. It took a while to decide on the camera and then find the best deal. I think we did a good job.

Well I am off to make more lists for the trip...